While trying to virtualize the softwares, SoftLab and SoftPath, from SCC Soft Computer with ThinApp 4.7.3, I ran into this issue:

SCC SoftLab Issue

I was able to get to the main window but after opening a module and doing stuff or closing it, the program was stopping to respond. The process module was hanging. By closing it, the program started to respond again.

SCC SoftLab Issue Processes

After working with VMware Support, adding this parameter to the package.ini solved everything in SoftLab/SoftPath:


For reference:

ExternalDLLs Parameter



The ExternalDLLs parameter can force Windows to load specific DLL files from the virtual file system.


ThinApp sets an initial value that loads DLL files from the virtual file system and passes the loading process to Windows for DLL files on the physical file system. In some circumstances, Windows must load a DLL file in the virtual file system. You might have a DLL file that inserts itself into other processes using Windows hooks. The DLL file that implements the hook must be available on the host file system and Windows must load that file. When you specify a DLL file in the ExternalDLLs parameter, ThinApp extracts the file from the virtual file system to the sandbox and instructs Windows to load it. Virtual dictation software is a type of software that might interface with native applications that pass information between DLLs. ThinApp can pass the loading of DLLs in the virtual environment to Windows to ensure that local applications can interface with the DLLs.



The ExternalDLLs parameter does not support a DLL file that depends on other DLL files in the virtual file system. In this case, Windows cannot load the DLL file.

Note that at the moment I’m writing this post, the virtualization of this software is not supported by the editor, SCC Soft Computer.